• Improves overall balance

  • Removes the anxiety of slipping, tripping or falling

  • Recovers the ability to move around feeling strong, stable and balanced

  • Revives your natural ability to feel more stable on your feet

  • Significantly enhances confidence, independence and freedom to walk


Why Are Seniors So Afraid Of Falling?

You see, not many know this but every 11 seconds, someone over 60 in this country falls, which results in a trip to the emergency room.


And every 19 minutes somebody dies from a result of their fall. That’s a whopping 28,000 deaths each year from trips and falls.


Not only that, if you do slip and fall, according to the data, your chances of winding up in a nursing home, triple...


And if you fall more than twice in one year, according to the research, your risk of passing away within the next 5 years increases by over 200%.


What Customers Are Saying

Jane says “Once my husband died, I was scared to do things around my house because I was alone and always felt shaky on my feet. It gave me a lot of anxiety even doing the simplest of tasks. But now, I breeze through chores, errands and without the help of my walking cane. I feel so stable and nimble now.

testimonial-1 Jane
testimonial-2 John

John says “After my scary spill and trip to the ER, I wasn’t myself for over a year. I feared walking down the stairs in my two-story house so I slept on the couch most nights. It felt like I was losing control of my life and that my time was up. But now, I’m back in my bed and that fear is gone.

Jim says "Chris Wilson was my personal trainer for a number of years. I am a 75 year old male that still works out with 45 year old's, much due to Chris Wilson's inspiration and teachings over the years. In my opinion there is no one better than Chris Wilson and his guidance to help you stay strong, fit and safe with hopefully a very "Compressed Morbidity" time frame. What more could you ask for? Get his program!! "

testimonial-3 Jim

Neuro Balance Therapy Can Deliver All Of The Following Benefits:

  • Almost instantly, begin to feel more responsive and balanced with each step you take.

  • The fear that used to hold you down and back, slowly loses its grip on your mental and physical wellness.

  • You will experience freedom again without having to think twice where you’re going with each step you take.

  • You’ll have your life back again in just a few minutes per day in the comfort of your own home.


100% SATISFACTION 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Give everything 60 days and if you’re not fully satisfied with your results, just write in or call us and we’ll be happy to grant you a full refund no questions asked.


  • How quickly can I notice results with Neuro-Balance Therapy?

    Usually, those who get started right away and purchase Neuro-Balance Therapy, notice results within 14 days. Sometimes a lot sooner than that.

    Clients ranging in age from 52, all the way up to 94 have felt their balance return quickly along with more stability and strength in their lower half when walking.

    But more than that, is the quick return of confidence they love the most as the fear of falling that’s gripped their life leaves for good.

  • Can I get this program anywhere else?

    No, you can only get this program and all the materials here on this page. This can’t be found anywhere else. Nor in retail stores or on Amazon.

  • Are there any recurring fees or charges with Neuro-Balance Therapy?

    There are no recurring fees or secret charges. It’s just a one time payment.

  • What’s the name of the charge will I see on my statement?

    When you order Neuro-Balance Therapy today on this page, you’ll notice a charge from Clickbank and not Neuro-Balance Therapy.

    Clickbank is our merchant processor who handles our transactions. They’re a leader in the online ecommerce space and have safely processed millions of orders in the last year without a problem.